Christian Home Services, Inc. specializes in serving the community through home care and assistance. We believe that everyone desires to have the highest quality of life possible, and our services can be tailored to meet your goals and improve the quality of life for all family members.

  • 97% of our consumers are satisfied with the services Christian Home Services provides.
  • 95% of our consumers are satisfied with our staff.
  • 98% of our consumers believe the staff caring for them are professional.

See what our consumers are saying:

“We appreciate all you do for me.”

“Your communication with us is great, I cannot identify any barriers at this time. Thank you for what you do!”

“I am very satisfied and grateful for the help and care I am given.”

“My son’s respite worker is fantastic.”

“I want to thank you for providing this service. It is very much appreciated”

“You are doing a wonderful job.”

“Great communication.”

“I am very happy, I appreciate my help from you.”

“It is great and we have no problems.”