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Traumatic Accident Home Care

Christian Home Services offers the absolute best accident and injury home care in Michigan . If you or a loved one has had a debilitating accident that has left you unable to complete daily tasks or a traumatic brain injury, we have the experience and the personnel you need. We understand that everyday life is disrupted and even little things can have a heavy strain on you. Having home care assistance to assist in those activities and give extra support when recovering from an accident can speed recovery and help you and your family cope until you are feeling better.

We provide long term care:

  • Brain Injury Care
  • Quadriplegic Care
  • Paralysis Care

Recovery Is Key
Part of recovery from any kind of trauma is the ability to fully rest and recover. Many of us have family and other obligations that need to be handled, even when we are ill. Life’s commitments and responsibilities don’t stop for these situations which can make things even more stressful. It’s important to let go of as much as you can and let someone else take care of things in order to allow yourself to get the rest you need.

We can handle all of your daily tasks:

  • Prepare meals

  • Give medication reminders

  • Help with bathing and personal grooming

  • Change bedclothes

  • Prepare ice packs if needed

  • Help with mobility
  • Do laundry or wash dishes

  • Perform other light household chores

  • Help with childcare

  • Walk your pets

  • Run errands

  • Provide 24-hour care, if needed